Introducing Chloé Holden, trainee solicitor

Hi all, I’m Chloé and I have been tasked with introducing myself! I recently joined the team at Cozens-Hardy as a trainee solicitor and I’m spending my first training contract seat in the private client department. Well that’s the formal part over and done with so I’ll now tell you a little about myself.

I chose to study law because I have always enjoyed advising and helping people out. Unfortunately I didn’t have the cast iron stomach or brains to become a doctor so pursuing a career as a solicitor seemed the best option. So, you’re now probably thinking “what areas of law is she interested in?” and I really can’t give you a straight forward answer - some would say that this is a successful trait of a solicitor! During my studies I thoroughly enjoyed the Law of Evidence and Criminal Law, however after practising in criminal litigation for two and a bit years I soon worked out that it was not for me. It may seem like that I am back to what we call “square 1” but at the moment I am taking advantage of the open-mindedness to get stuck into my training contract and find an area of law that clicks for me.

Aside from law I love doing gymnastics and trampolining but sadly I don’t think I can refer to myself as a gymnast anymore because I no longer train as frequently. At the age of 16yrs, I completed my Level 1 Women’s Artistic gymnastics coaching course and it is my short term goal to start coaching again at a local club. At the weekends you are more than likely to find me in a coffee shop catching up with my friends or baking at home.

To find out more, call us on: 01603 625231