Overview of our employment law services

Nearly every aspect of an employer/employee relationship is regulated in some way. It is therefore very important to ensure that both employers and employees are complying with the law. As part of Cozens-Hardy’s business support services, we are able to offer assistance with your employment needs in both contentious and non-contentious matters, in particular:

Contracts of Employment

The Contract of Employment is the backbone of the employer/employee relationship. We can assist with reviewing and updating contracts and ensuring that businesses have effective policies and procedures in place. Effective contracts and policies can prevent disputes with employees escalating.

Disciplinary and Grievance advice

Employers are under a duty to provide employees with disciplinary and grievance procedures. We can assist with advising on the correct procedures to follow.

Settlement Agreements

Settlement agreements contain a variety of legally binding terms that can be daunting for both employers and employees when seeking to terminate the employment relationship. We can assist in drafting and negotiating settlement agreements.

Employees’ Rights

Employees are entitled to a number of statutory rights such as maternity, paternity, flexible working and minimum pay. We can advise individuals in asserting these rights and businesses in how to respond and the policies they may require.


It is unlawful to discriminate in the workplace. There are various types of discrimination; if you are concerned that you are being discriminated against or there may be cause for a potential claim against you, we can assist you in pursuing or defending a claim. 

Unfair Dismissal

Employees have the right not to be unfairly dismissed. There are certain criteria to be met for an employee to be eligible to claim unfair dismissal. We can assist in advising whether a potential dismissal will be deemed fair or unfair and can assist you in pursuing or defending a claim for unfair dismissal. 

TUPE advice

It is not uncommon for the ownership of a business to transfer to another employer.  Transfers of businesses (known as the transfer of undertakings) can be a worrying time for employees. Employees’ rights are protected under law and we can assist on the correct procedures to follow.

Redundancy advice

Redundancy can also be a worrying and daunting time for employees. We can assist on the correct procedures to follow and calculating redundancy pay.

If you would like to discuss employment matters in more detail please do not hesitate to contact Natalie Peacock on 01603 625231 or by email nlpeacock@cozens-hardy.com.

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