Business Support Package for Norfolk producers

In support of our sponsorship of the 2015 Norwich Food & Drink Festival, we are pleased to offer a fixed price business support package for the Norfolk food and drink industry.

Our package, which costs £175 + VAT per month, includes the following:

  • Review of current employment contracts
  • Updating of current employment contracts, if necessary, to meet legal requirements
  • If you do not have an employment contract in place, we will provide employment contracts for your use
  • Supply of a full range of formal employment policies (click on image above for full list of policies available). As a bare minimum an employer should have a written policy and procedure for dealing with disciplinary and grievance issues. Having formal policies to deal with other areas of the employer/employee relationship has many benefits. It means that employees are aware of your policy on these issues from the start and may prevent problems from arising in the first place. Where issues do arise, having a written policy will be an invaluable guide for you when you come to deal with them – and can save you legal costs. Following the right procedures can avoid employment tribunal claims. If the matter does lead to an employment tribunal claim, being able to show that you followed the right procedures will assist greatly in successfully defending the claim.
  • Supply of standard letters to help you with implementing policies and procedures
  • A total of one hour of telephone and/or email support per month for general employment advice. No more worrying about the cost of ‘lifting the phone’ for some legal advice. Any unused time does not carry over to the next month.
  • Commercial property review

(After the first year, you have the option to retain only the phone/email support at a reduced rate.)

In addition to our fixed price business support package, we are able to assist with fixed fee small claims (up to £10,000) debt recovery and we offer an £85 + VAT fixed fee initial appointment to discuss any business dispute.

To find out more, call us on: 01603 625231