Making client feedback as easy as possible!

Client service is the cornerstone of what we do as lawyers – so making the process of client feedback as easy as possible is really important to us. 

We recently made the move to online client service questionnaires; where we hold an email address for a client we are now able to email a link, enabling our questionnaire to be completed with minimal effort and disruption. It is taking, on average, less than two minutes for clients to complete the form – no pen to find and no posting required! Of course we will continue to send out paper copies of our questionnaire where appropriate.

Another benefit of this online survey tool is that it generates a net promoter score (‘NPS’) for the firm. This customer satisfaction benchmark is used worldwide and measures how likely our clients are to recommend us to a friend or colleague. A score over 50 is generally deemed ‘excellent’ and we are pleased to report that our score currently stands at 67. While this is extremely pleasing news for everyone at Castle Chambers, we are committed to continual assessment of our client care standards and are always looking to improve our service. 

On that note, if you have any suggestions about ways in which we can improve the service that we provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch either by email at or by phone on 01603 625231.

To find out more, call us on: 01603 625231