Chloé's Trainee Story...

Hi I’m Chloé, I’m a second year trainee solicitor at Cozens-Hardy and currently working within the family department. I’ve been with Cozens-Hardy since September 2017.

I applied for a training contract with Cozens-Hardy in June 2017 when I was working as a paralegal at another law firm in the city. The application involved writing a cover letter and providing a copy of my CV. This method of application suited me because I was able to show a little bit of my personality without being led by application questions. I decided to focus on my legal experience and why I wanted to work with Cozens-Hardy.

Approximately a month later I received a letter and an email inviting me for an interview - I was over the moon that I didn’t have to take part in an assessment day or even carry out an exam before hand!

Arriving for the interview, I was of mixed emotions, naturally, but I soon felt at ease after speaking to the friendly receptionist. I was interviewed by a panel of three: two partners and the partnership secretary. I was quickly reassured by the panel that the interview would consist of two parts: 1. A formal interview and 2. A tour of the office with two previous trainee solicitors and then an informal chat with them. I thoroughly enjoyed the mixed formal / informal nature of the interview. During the tour I was able to see how the firm operated with my own eyes and speak to lots of employees to find out what they thought of the firm.

A month later I received my training contract documentation in the post and two months later, one of the biggest days of my life arrived. To this day I remember walking into the Cozens-Hardy reception praying that my previous legal experience would stand me in good stead! A little bit later after some admin, I made my way to my first practice area - Private Client. Within five minutes of being at my desk, I was invited to various lunches and social events. I felt so welcomed and at ease.

My training with Cozens-Hardy has been second to none, which I know sounds very cliché. From day one of my training, I was exposed to high quality work and not pushed to the sidelines to simply carry out research tasks on a piece of legislation or case law. The supervising partners have actively encouraged me to work independently on matters and have also given me the opportunity to hold client meetings by myself, where applicable. This work culture is refreshing and has made me feel like a fee earner as opposed to someone just in training.

Overall my favourite thing about Cozens-Hardy is its collaborative nature; there is not a divide between employees and partners within the departments. One of the frequently asked questions amongst my peers is ‘What are the partners like, are you scared to talk to them?’ I always find this a bit of an odd question, because there is not one partner at Cozens-Hardy that I would be ‘scared’ to talk to - they are all very approachable and operate an ‘open door’ policy.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a training contract here at Castle Chambers.

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