Contract Disputes

Contracts are an inevitable feature of business life.

The litigation team at Cozens-Hardy LLP has a wealth of experience in contract disputes across a wide range of sectors in industry and commerce. We deal with disputes over a diverse range of types of contracts, eg:

  • Construction
  • Agency
  • Franchising
  • Sale and supply of goods and services
  • Licensing
  • Warranties
  • Guarantees
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Employment contracts

A poorly handled contract dispute can be extremely damaging to a business, leading to wasted money and management time – and can badly affect your relationship with customers and/or suppliers. We aim to understand your business, to act as part of your management team, and to deal with contract disputes quickly in a cost effective way.

We will always consider the use of alternatives to court proceedings (including mediation); however, if court proceedings are necessary we know how to make the process work for you to give you the edge in court.

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