Court of Protection team

If you do not have a Lasting Power of Attorney and then lose the mental capacity to deal with your own affairs, either by way of accident or other illness, it may be necessary for your family to involve the Court of Protection.

A family member will need to apply to the Court to be appointed as your ‘Deputy', which gives them the power to manage your affairs in the same manner as an Attorney, had you created a Power of Attorney whilst you were able.

Here at Cozens-Hardy LLP, we have a dedicated Court of Protection team headed up by partner Damian Short (head of our litigation department). Damian can guide you through the tricky process of applying for a Deputyship Order at what is often a stressful and emotional time.

Damian currently acts as a professional Deputy for some of our clients; we also apply for Court of Protection Orders on behalf of Deputies and Attorneys to allow them to take steps that their authority would not normally permit them to do, for instance preparation of Wills (Deputies) and tax management (Attorneys).

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