Wills and Estate Disputes

The death of someone close is very distressing. This is made worse if, following their death, there are disagreements within the family about their Will, the lack of a Will, or the assets left by the Will.

Cozens-Hardy LLP is a long established 'private client' firm, which means that we have a huge amount of experience in handling disputes that can arise following someone's death – and, critically, we deal with these problems sensitively and quickly.

Sometimes court proceedings prove necessary, but we understand that in such circumstances this may not be the best option and we therefore often use alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as mediation.

There are many difficulties that can arise following someone's death, but the most commonly encountered include:

  • Questions about the validity of the Will. You may think it was made in circumstances when the Will writer would not have had capacity to make a Will, or that some undue influence was put on them to write the Will in the way they have
  • You may not believe that the Will was signed and witnessed properly
  • You may have been left out of the Will entirely in circumstances which you do not believe to be fair
  • You may feel that the amount you have been left in the Will is not enough for your needs
  • The people named in the Will as those who should do all the necessary paper work (Executors) may not be doing their job properly in your opinion
  • There may be no Will at all, which can cause its own special problems
  • You may be unhappy with the way in which a trust in which you are named is being handled or, if you are a trustee, you may wish for advice on your rights and obligations

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