Tax Planning

Tax features in much of the work undertaken in this department. We are able to advise on the full spectrum of tax affairs - from the Capital Taxes (inheritance tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty land tax) to helping individuals and trusts with their income tax returns and queries.

We also have the necessary expertise and deep-seated experience to advise on succession planning. Your Will sets out what you want to happen to your assets after your death, but it may be that you wish to pass on assets during your lifetime and/or plan for the next generation to come into and manage the family business. Or it might be that you don't wish to give up complete control of an asset or business and it may be appropriate to think about a trust, partnership or changes to shareholdings. In these situations, tax is clearly a consideration but it's not the only one and, quite often, it's not the main one.

With the ever-changing tax legislation, what works today may not be appropriate in five or ten years' time – and of course your personal circumstances may change. We are very comfortable working with other advisers (eg accountants) to ensure that your tax planning strategy is adapted as necessary.

Whether your financial affairs are straightforward or complex, whether you require ongoing services or one-off specialist advice, we will be pleased to assist you.


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