LIGHT BYTE - Why Make A Will

Why make a Will?

Making a Will can seem a very daunting prospect and that is something our private client lawyers appreciate. Making sure you have a Will in place is a crucial part of lifetime planning.  A Will protects your loved ones when you are gone and makes sure those who you want to benefit do benefit. If you die without having a Will then your estate would be administered under the intestacy law, which, in effect, is letting the law decide who gets what.  


Who do I appoint as Executor?

In your Will you appoint Executors to deal with the administration of your estate. We usually recommend people who you trust such as close family or friends but you can also appoint a solicitor or your accountant. We offer guidance notes to Executors that can be found here.


Where do I store my Will?

Here at Cozens-Hardy LLP we store Wills free of charge and also offer the service of registering Wills with Certainty National Will register. Click on the following link to find out the advantages of this


What happens if I need to amend my Will?

Depending on the amendment, if it is just a change of address then we can pop a note in with your original Will. If you wish to add a legacy then this can be achieved by a way of Codicil which we can draw up for just £100 + VAT.  We suggest to our clients that they review their Wills every two years to consider any changes in their personal circumstances and/or any updates in legislation that may benefit their estate.


How much does it cost to have a Will?

Here at Cozens-Hardy LLP we charge £225 + VAT for a simple and straightforward Will - and for a couple it is £325 + VAT. If you are looking at incorporating trusts then you will be provided with a fee estimate in accordance with your instructions at your initial meeting.  


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